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And Now You Wait…

When I was a kid and I would act ornery and impatient my mother would tell me to wait. Then she would repeat this silly little phrase. “Patience is a virtue, and virtue is a grace and grace is a little girl with jelly on her face.” I would smile because it was so ridiculous and the thought of poor Grace without a napkin was a momentary distraction. I wish I could Blog about the truth behind that phrase. Deconstruct it. Find the secret message behind it. But here I sit, 24 years old and I don't have the slightest idea how Grace and her jelly is supposed to help me understand patience. The thing about your 20’s is that life is very transitory. Were figuring out... Who we are What we want Where we want to go Where we want to avoid Who we want to go with us Who we want to leave behind Who we need to remember, and finally... Who we need to forget. It’s a whirl wind of questions and risks. It’s the unknown, taking the leap of faith and hoping it was the right leap for you. It can

It Happens And Its Okay

Everyone knows… If a bird craps on you at the beach–its good luck AND If it rains on your wedding day–its good luck But I never bought this idea of icky good luck. The reality is…this is NOT good luck. If a bird craps on you at the beach– its gross, slimy and down-right uncomfortable. If it rains on your wedding day– its gloomy, wet and inconvenient. That’s the reality. That’s the truth and the reason why we make up these little white lies that make us feel better. So what about the saying “Failure is the mother of success” Is this just another socially acceptable white lie that we use to make ourselves feel better? I’m not sure…so I did what everyone in 2009 does…I “google-ed” it. :) Google lead me to calls this an expression an idiom– “a peculiar kind of speech that has a double meaning.” is correct, this is definitely peculiar. If failure is the mother of success, then this “family” is practicing tough love. This child (success) w