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Whether the Weather Whispers a Reminder

It was time. As long as I tried to put it off, as much as I pretended it wasn’t happening, as much as I hoped to ignore it… It was time. This week, in Northeastern America, those of us holding tight to grips of summer had to let go. We were forced to do the dreaded “switch.”  Packing up beloved sun dresses made of paper thin material that sways in the wind and replaced them with warm, fuzzy sweaters that will attempt to keep our body heat IN and the frigid cold OUT . We swapped open toed sandals for stark heavy boots. The last days of Indian summer ended and officially fall is here. Every year at this time of year, I gripe about the change in season, temperature and weather, but this year I noticed something different. No I’m not talking global warming or anything like that, the difference I noticed this year was not environmental, it was perspective provided, through care of my 15-month-old nephew. Isn’t it weird that we say months for the first few years of life, maybe it’s b