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Summer time: The livin’s easy & the clothes sleazy

It’s summertime, the days are longer, the weather is warmer and the clothing is scarce.    Part of this can’t be avoided, when its 90 degrees outside it’s impossible to not be in anything beside shorts and a tank top.   Truth is, if you were walking around with a hat, scarf and gloves, people would think that you’re nuts. So, there is a skimpiness to summer that is undeniably acceptable.  Hey, I will be the first person to trade in boots for flip-flops, a jacket for a tank top or pants for shorts … and it’s only a certain time of year, a small window of time, where you can wear a bikini and sheer cover up to a beach restaurant/bar and still be considered “ dressed .” So the clothing is minimal and for the most part, this notion is socially acceptable. But, then there are the trends that push this acceptance.  The skirts that are “ cheeky ” or the tops that push you up, out, and cause you to spill over.  This sleazy-push appears to be coming from the “youngins” that are just below ou