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Bereavement Notice & Birth Announcement

Bereavement Notice: Mourning the loss of the Lana’s beloved 20something years (June 19, 2005-June 19, 2015).   It’s was a wild 10 years. College and graduate school were completed.   Took some left turns, but found a career she loves. Found a wonderful man.   Maintained friendships with friends, siblings and even became friends with parents.   Traveled the world but never overcame the fear to fly.   Had a lot of fun, on some occasions one too many cocktails and every summer spent plenty of nights in Gull Point and Dewey Beach.   The 20something years were a blast, but they are now peacefully laid to rest.   No time to repeat, only happily moving forward.   The 20something years are survived by all the great memories, photos and social media documentation, as well as the 30something years and the infinite future.   Donations and gifts of good will and positive energy are asked to be sent to the party welcoming the official birth of the 30something years.   RIP 20’s :) As