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Plastic’s not Perfect

Keeping up with the Joneses, just another “ THEY ” we feel compelled to follow. So, maybe that is why our society is so apt to embrace change. Why we rush to obtain the new and cutting edge. Maybe we’re all just trying to keep up. My question then is have we taken this too far? Newest trend in the past 2 decades—tattoos. (Yes I know people in the military, motorcycle organizations, etc… have been getting inked for a long time, but only recently has it become universal) To the younger generations (we 20somethings), tattoos are not only acceptable but have grown to be somewhat of a norm. I think this is largely in part because we are striving to individualize or make ourselves unique and independent from “ everyone else. ” But, for some this new fad, the obsession with ink, is just another way to keep up with those damn Joneses. Either way, if you’re getting your ink in a clean reputable establishment, and you’re willing to tolerate the extended stare ( sometimes snarl ) of the olde