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Not Your Typical Love Letter

  I have been blogging since 2009.   Almost 7 years of dating sagas, war stories and soap operas.   It has certainly given me some great inspiration and content.   Even the terrible dates I went on gave me insight and afflatus to write.   However, with time, comes change…   And I am ecstatic to report (for my own sake) that you will no longer reading any posts about dating –Well, not about MY dating experiences anyway.   I still have quite a few friends who are sharing their stories and willing to act as my muse.   But the dating content will no longer be in first person.   What I’m trying to say is I have said “YES” to my handsome fiancé. So, since all of my readers have ridden the roller coaster of 20something dating with me, I wanted to share a personal piece that will explain why I am “off the market.”   So here it is, a letter to my fiancé… Dear Eric, Thank you for asking me to marry you.   It has been my favorite question thus far on our journey.   I sai