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To My Daughter During Quarantine

April 2020 Dearest Evelyn, Whether you know it or not, you are a warrior, in a global pandemic against the coronavirus, popularity called COVID19. I wrote this letter because while you may not remember this at all, I want you to know how brave you are, and how brave you have made me. You are 22 months old, (not even 2 years old yet), and your baby brother is 11 weeks old. It is the year 2020. Schools and daycares are closed. Streets, restaurants, shopping centers, even cities, are empty. People are “sheltering in place” at home. We must “gear up” to go to the grocery store. But we never go. We use a delivery service to get our food, and even then, I wear my hair up, rubber gloves, and an N95 mask (a reusable kind, not the ones for hospital workers) to wipe and spray everything down, before I bring it into our home. We don’t see our friends and family anymore. Not in person anyway. We have FaceTime and Zoom instead. You miss your daycare, Ms. Anne’s House , but we