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Lane Maryè Morelli a Writer, National Legal News Reporter, English Professor, Blogger, and Motherhood Columnist.

Her work has been published in various online magazines, newspapers and websites, including:

- National Public Radio NPR: This I Believe
- Philadelphia Magazine
- Delaware Today Magazine
- The Cape Current
- The Garnet Valley Press
- SJU Athletic Media Guides
- Gimme This & That Magazine
- The Lunch Break
- The Delaware County Daily Times
- The Delaware News Journal.

Most recently she is a Columnist, writing a parenting column in The Cape Current, where she chronicles motherhood and beach life, as the “Current Parent.”

Lana is National Legal News Reporter, and since May of 2010, has worked full-time, as a writer with Courthouse News Service, a legal publication based in Pasadena California. Her territory spans twenty-two counties surrounding Philadelphia, and she covers corporate civil litigation lawsuits and high-profile criminal cases, most notably covering both Kathleen Kane and Bill Cosby’s criminal trials.

Lana is also an English Professor. From 2011 until 2021, she held the position as Adjunct English Professor at two prominent Philadelphia Suburban colleges, Neumann University and Delaware County Community College, where she shared her love of words and writing with her students for over 10 years.

Lana has even created a unique course curriculum for Thomas Stecher Associates, a graduate affiliate through Neumann University, her course is titled "Writing to Inspire Creative Work, Engage Students, and Foster the Importance of Awareness." The course is focused to help K-12 teachers incorporate writing into their classrooms and inspire their students with the written word.

Lana is a multifaceted working writer, working in print journalism, academic writing, new media, digital content and online publishing.She attended high school at Padua Academy, class of 2003. She is a 2007 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Cabrini University. After obtaining her B.A. in Political Science, Sociology and Pre-Law, she attended Widener University School of Law. She completed one full year of law school only to realize her true dream of pursuing a writting career.

She transferred from law school to Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and completed her Master’s Degree in “Writing Studies,” in May 2011. She created a blog in 2009 while in graduate school, which she still contributes to, and was the first student to matriculate through Saint Joseph’s University Master’s program that used “new media” or “blog” as her thesis.

Lana obtained her Real Estate License in 2023, and dabbles in property development with her husband Eric. They reside in the Philadelphia Metro Area with their daughter Evelyn, son Nikolai and furbaby and first baby, Gizmo (their 5 lb Yorkie-Poo).

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