Life is Short but Sweet for Certain

30 things you need to know when you turn 30 ... I can start a whole list of silly, quirky and applicable information.   Like, not to apply for a credit card at a concert.   I filled out an application for a Discover card once in my early 20’s; I think it got me a free t-shirt, and I still get Discover promotional mail almost 10 years later.   And never charge a trip to your credit card and think its fine to pay it off later. Why? Because the truth is, if you wait to pay for it after the trip, it never feels worth it and you have serious vacation-guilt.   Or not to take shots after midnight.   You can do this all through your 20’s, but, by the time you turn 30, you know that a shot after midnight guarantees spinning in your bed and a hangover that won’t quit. I have a ton of these tips and I wanted to write them all down and make a “thirty and flirty” fun list. But two days before I turned 30, I got a phone call that my friend Chris had a brain aneurysm and he died.  The

Not Your Typical Love Letter

  I have been blogging since 2009.   Almost 7 years of dating sagas, war stories and soap operas.   It has certainly given me some great inspiration and content.   Even the terrible dates I went on gave me insight and afflatus to write.   However, with time, comes change…   And I am ecstatic to report (for my own sake) that you will no longer reading any posts about dating –Well, not about MY dating experiences anyway.   I still have quite a few friends who are sharing their stories and willing to act as my muse.   But the dating content will no longer be in first person.   What I’m trying to say is I have said “YES” to my handsome fiancé. So, since all of my readers have ridden the roller coaster of 20something dating with me, I wanted to share a personal piece that will explain why I am “off the market.”   So here it is, a letter to my fiancé… Dear Eric, Thank you for asking me to marry you.   It has been my favorite question thus far on our journey.   I sai

Bereavement Notice & Birth Announcement

Bereavement Notice: Mourning the loss of the Lana’s beloved 20something years (June 19, 2005-June 19, 2015).   It’s was a wild 10 years. College and graduate school were completed.   Took some left turns, but found a career she loves. Found a wonderful man.   Maintained friendships with friends, siblings and even became friends with parents.   Traveled the world but never overcame the fear to fly.   Had a lot of fun, on some occasions one too many cocktails and every summer spent plenty of nights in Gull Point and Dewey Beach.   The 20something years were a blast, but they are now peacefully laid to rest.   No time to repeat, only happily moving forward.   The 20something years are survived by all the great memories, photos and social media documentation, as well as the 30something years and the infinite future.   Donations and gifts of good will and positive energy are asked to be sent to the party welcoming the official birth of the 30something years.   RIP 20’s :) As

Pop-Pop Passed Away Last Night

In honor of Anthony Carl Morelli Jr.

I was in 1 st grade when I remember losing my first grandparent. My “Grandma Leik,” my mother’s mom. A tiny lady, no taller than 5 foot (with shoes on) who had a thick Brooklyn Accent, ate yogurt, read the newspaper, loved lady bugs and always took my side. “She doesn’t have to finish her dinner, she has a tiny stomach like me, leave her be..but there is enough room for dessert.”   She was the only person who my mother retreated from. She was small, soft, but incredibly strong. She passed away from end-stage renal failure and I do remember she also has stroke. A "TIA" they called it. She said not to worry, it was just for a moment. “My tongue got twisted around my eye and I couldn’t see what I was saying.” She had the ability to make everything seem light and approachable. Even the scary parts of life. Her husband, my grandfather, passed away when I was an infant. I don’t remember him. So when it was just her in the house, she moved from New York to Pennsylva

It’s Walt’s Fault

And by Walt, I mean Walt Disney.   That’s right, the one and only.   The creator of “Happily Ever After,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and the same guy rumored to be frozen in a capsule somewhere.   I blame him, not entirely, but to a certain extent for the unrealistic expectations of what “love” is supposed to be.  Last week I was asked to sit on a panel in Philadelphia called the “ Great Love Debate ” where myself and some very talented and experienced dating gurus try to answer the question “Why is everyone still single?”   As I ponder this question, in anticipation of our debate, I couldn’t help but think about a former theory of mine, which I coined; “The Disney Dilemma.” The Disney Dilemma developed after a debate with a very strong-minded 4 year old.   I was babysitting in college, one of my many side-jobs at the time, and I took the kids outside to play.   On this particular day, the little girl I was babysitting, 4 years old, asked me, “What do you want to be when